Typing Services: Cheap & Fast

Typing services for academic requirements. Accuracy guaranteed!

Drawing Services: High quality with disired format

Drawing services for business, media and academic requirements. Accuracy guaranteed!


Typing and Drawing services start at $1.0/page

Academic Typing Service (ATS) is created to help academicians better manage their time. We provide the highest quality virtual academic typing services.

Typing Service

We provide affordable and accurate academic typing services across the world. Our versatile services include:

  • Retyping Word to Excel/LaTex
  • Handwriting to Word/Excel/LaTex
  • Retyping Latex to Word/Excel
  • Retyping Excel to Word/LaTex
  • Retyping PDF to Excel/Word/LaTex
  • Retyping Word/Excel/PDF to LaTex
  • Converting Image (e.g. JPG/PNG) to Word/Excel
  • Other

Drawing Service

We are highly concerned and careful about the accuracy, lucidity, and, perfection of our drawing services. Our drawing services are:

  • Graph, picture, and, flowchart drawing
  • Logo designing
  • Cartoon drawing
  • Raster to vector converting
  • Other

How to proceed

Send File(s) and Instruction

Send your file(s) & instructions to get your free price quote along with our turnaround details.

Get a Quote

Confirm your quote and Pay

After you confirm your quote, you will receive the invoice to pay. You can pay through PayPal, Debit or Credit card.

Process and Delivery

We will work on your project step by step and show you the progress time to time. Having your satisfactory comment we will complete the work and send you the file(s) directly via. email or standard mail, whichever you choose.

How we work

Firstly, the document is typed carefully by the person who is an expert in the respective area. We proofread the document, run it through spell and grammar check and, then send it to one of our professional proofreaders to proofread it again.

How you can pay

After reviewing your order,a price quote will be sent to you. If you agree with the price, an invoice via PayPal will be forwarded to you. By clicking on the invoice link, you will be shown the options to pay with a PayPal account or a credit card.


Academic Typing Service is a typing service provider company deals in all kind of academic typing services. As a reasonable price can be fixed depending on the variability and quantity of works,  you are requested to send the file(s) first. After analyzing and reviewing the complexity and amount of the work, the price quote will be given to you. However, the typing service starts at the US $1.00/page.

Name Of Services Starting Prices - Basic
Other Services Price Upon Review
Retyping PDF/Image to Excel/Word Starts @ US $1.00/page
Retyping Word to Excel Starts @ US $4.00/page
Retyping LaTex to Word/Excel Starts @ US $4.00/page
Retyping Excel to Word Starts @ US $4.00/page
Handwriting to Word/Excel Starts @ US $4.00/page
Handwriting to LaTex Starts @ US $10.00/page
Retyping Word/Excel/PDF/Image to LaTex Starts @ US $10.00/page
Equations Typing Starts @ US $10.00/page
Academic Drawing Starts @ US $5.00/Drawing

*The prices may be slightly changed depending on the complexity of the work.

Academic Typing Service (ATS)

Academic Typing Service (ATS) is a globally expanded professional outsourcing typing service company which focuses on typing and drawing services related to academia. It helps its clients to tackle their overwhelming workload and manage time effectively. It has an enthusiastic and talented team of skilled typists and experienced designer with strong imaginative power.

About Us

Why Choose Us?

We understand that you come to us to make your life easier and stress-free, we’ll do it for you not just by providing the best services but by ensuring the easiest and most enjoyable experience. We will assure you with:

  • Accuracy
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Lucidity
  • 100% data security
  • Privacy
  • Cost-effective
  • Best quality
  • Price competitive
  • Client satisfaction
  • Effective communication
  • Fast turnaround


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